Tarkanian HeadshotEver notice how things that are so contrary to common sense are done today that they wouldn’t even have been considered as recently as 20 years ago? For example, how can a person be given the legal right to drive in a country that they are in illegally?

Have you noticed that the person who defends the common sense viewpoint on these issues is often vilified and labeled a racist or some other derogatory term by the supporters of the ridiculous idea?

Have you also noticed that certain members of the media are often complicit in the advancement of these absurd ideas by the tone and the way that they cover these stories?

Me too!! If it drives you crazy you are NOT alone, together we can do something about it.

TARK BYTES will examine topics that affect us all as U.S. citizens. We can discuss our opinions here and together we can cause change.

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  1. Vic Ghazarian

    Dear Danny,
    We like to express our deepest condolences on your Fathers passing. He was a Great coach and a Wonderful Man , He was inspiration and Pride for us and all Armenian community.
    Our prayers are with you and your family.
    God Bless his Soul.

    Ghazarian Family

  2. Dan Foley

    What can a University of Utah graduate living in Las Vegas say about Mr. Jerry Tarkanian? He was an innovator, a motivator and a great man. In a city that respects great innovators Jerry has certainly secured his place amongst the most important people in the history of the city of Las Vegas. I, like a lot of people, have a Jerry Tarkanian story. I attended a University of Utah and UNLV game when the Utes were still in the Mountain West Conference several years ago. Who did I run into during that game – in the men’s (public) restroom — Jerry Tarkanian. Everyone stopped to say hello to coach Tark and rather than shrink away from the people that adored him coach Tark simply waved, shook hands and thanked the adoring fans. That’s the image I’ll take with me about Coach Tark. He could have enclosed himself in a private suite to be away from the crowds and the gawkers but he reveled in the warmth of the people who loved him and exuded that warmth back to us. He was not above us – he was one of us. Coach Tark you will be missed and I will always remember first and foremost you were one of ‘us’ the uncommon common man who accomplished amazing things and gave the city of Las Vegas and its people hope. God bless you Jerry Tarkanian.

    1. Tarkbytes

      That is a great story and so true about my Dad. He loved to be around people. Even if it was in the bathroom

  3. Rick Marshall

    Dear Mr. Tarkanian,

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your Father. He was an inspiration to myself and many other people in the Nellis Air Force base community. I was a simple airman at the time and the only way I could see a game was by UNLV’s generosity of giving some free tickets to our community. When I was Honorably discharged in March of 1987 I kept up my loyalty to the program and followed your father throughout the rest of his career. I also followed your Mother’s very successful career. Wow, an incredible family and you have certainly carried your father’s proud name with integrity just as I am sure your father would have wanted. As time has passed, I was able to volunteer with the UNLV engineering program and donate time with the Linear Accelerator program and vault setup. That donated time was based on everything your father gave to me. Nobody will ever know why I didn’t charge for my services, but that’s the truth. I was fortunate enough to have breakfast with Don Haskins, of UTEP, and he shared some incredible stories about your father and himself. Both quality people. Good luck to you and your family and thank you for what you and your family brought into my life.
    Rick Marshall

  4. cameron datzker

    I would love to thank NCAA Icon Coach Jerry Tarkanian for all the championships he gave to Las Vegas.
    May The Tark The Shark Rest in Peace.

  5. Brian Barnhorst

    Danny: Don’t know if you’ll remember me, but we were at USD Law School together (Admin Law with Prof. Kenneth Culp Davis?). I used to see your dad once in a while at The Broken Yolk in Pacific Beach, and he was always so gracious. I’m sorry for your loss. BAB

  6. Gregory Theis

    Hi Danny,
    We held and interesting conversation following the Lincoln Day Dinner in Yerington the other night. Following, you asked me for a card, which I do not have. You gave me this site as a means to contact you. Hopefully, this will convey my contact info to you. Feel free to contact me for any or no good reason.

  7. Kevin Mason

    Your dad was an amazing man I remember as a high school kid going to watch open gym. He had an amazing presence with his players. Some of the things he would say I have use in my teaching of the game today. I even have a zone offense I call Vegas. His amoeba zone defense is one of my favorites to run.

    RIP Coach Tark you were the best!!!

  8. Drina P Harbour

    Danny , So sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. I met him once while I was attending UNLV back in the 80’s. I was a huge basketball fan. Sending prayers to you and your Mother at this time.

  9. Father George Wolf

    Danny, I was saddened to hear of your dear Father’s death. He was a good man! In my years at Our Lady of LasVegas in the late 70’s and early 80’s he and your mother were my good friends and supporters. I fondly remember your mother at Morning Mass every day during basketball season. The last time Isaw them was at a UNLV – UNR game in Reno. The two of them were walking hand-in-hand down the ramp to the locker rooms at Lawyor Events Center on a cold Reno evening. I was going to the game and we stopped to visit for a minute. The were dear people. Tell your mother that I’ll say aMass for Tark. I know your Dad Has a high place in heaven. My very best to all!

  10. Brent Rose

    Sorry for your family’s loss what a nice man.i had one of my most favorite moments getting to meet the two of you. You were in ely at our convention center, I brought a tape of the 90 championship game. Your dad and I sat and a small table and watched the video I’ll never forget when the rebels made one of their fantastic plays your dad would say” boy those kids were good”. I also had the opportunity and honor of presenting him one of my unlv candles I made. I’ll cherish those moments forever .I have something I’d like to give you if you’ll contact me take care

  11. Mike

    Hi Danny,

    Amazing, the same guy who helped Governor Guinn (bypassing the Nevada Constitution) pass the last “largest tax increase in Nevada history” when he was sitting in the Attorney General’s office now sits in the Governor’s office doing the same exact thing. He’s 2 for 2.

    The fact that illegal immigration and state union’s (and pension funds) are the reason why Nevada is in the boat we are in is constantly ommited and never brought up by our illustrious leaders and unbiased media.

    I’ve lived here for almost 30 years and love it, but it may be nearing the point that it’s time to move to Wyoming.

    Take care


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