Tarkanian Statement on Lies from Heller Campaign

One of the biggest problems with professional DC politicians is their willingness to “spin” complete fiction with impunity.

Unfortunately, “DC Dean” Heller – whose poll numbers in Nevada have been in a death spiral – has adopted the “inside-the-beltway” culture of deception, as evidenced by another false accusation. Since Heller’s staff took to Twitter to distort and misquote my statement, it appears that culture is now the norm within the campaign.

The Heller staffer comments are not “political spin”; they are outright lies. Their behavior is indefensible but sadly, not unexpected.

Of course, any reasonable person wants to get to the bottom of the situation regarding Judge Roy Moore and the recent string of allegations against him. Unlike those who seek only to use this scandal as political fodder, I along with all Americans want to know the truth.

Apparently for Dean Heller and his team, the truth is a pliable tool used to smear opponents, which is why they constantly distort what I actually say. The point of my statement in its entirety is that all Americans, including those running for office, deserve a presumption of innocence and that we have recourse should the allegations prove true.

I’ve learned the hard way how the intellectually dishonest establishment operates – it twists and turns an opponent’s words, something the American people have grown tired of. Our elections as well as our public discourse deserve better.

Which is why I issued my statement about the Alabama Senate race.

You can read my statement in its entirety here.

As a husband and father of three daughters, of course I am concerned by the allegations, which is why situations as sensitive and serious as this must not be tried in the media. If true, the women involved deserve better. If not, the people of Alabama deserve better. In any case, I would expect Senator Heller to seek truth and justice over political opportunism.

I challenge Dean Heller to discuss this with me on the record at a time and place of his choosing. We can meet in person or on the radio with one of Nevada’s conservative talk-show hosts as moderator. You pick the moderator, Dean.