RELEASE: Statement on the Kate Steinle Verdict

Las Vegas, Nev. — On Friday, in response to the not guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial, Nevada U.S. Senate Candidate Danny Tarkanian issued the following statements:

“Like President Trump and so many other Americans, I am extremely disappointed and angered by the not guilty verdict reached in the Kate Steinle murder trial. The defendant took full advantage of our broken immigration system and San Francisco’s dangerous sanctuary city status.”

“San Francisco’s sanctuary city status allowed an illegal immigrant with seven previous felony convictions and five previous deportations to remain in its city and our country. That’s utterly appalling. San Francisco’s reckless disregard for federal law led to a devastating tragedy for the Steinle family. I’m heartbroken for the Steinle family’s loss. They remain in our family’s prayers. They deserve justice.”

“Sanctuary cities and an unsecured southern border are immense threats to our communities and our national security. We must secure the border and we must see the end of sanctuary cities.”

“Jacky Rosen voted against Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. Instead of voting to strengthen immigration enforcement, Jacky Rosen voted to weaken it. Jacky Rosen’s support of sanctuary cities puts Nevada families at risk.”