Heller’s Latest Smear Attack Really Takes the Cake – Danny Tarkanian Has NOT Taken $700,000 From A Children’s Charity | FAKE NEWS ALERT

When incumbent politicians, especially swamp-dwellers in DC, can’t defend their record, they resort to cheap shots and false claims.

And that’s what DC Dean did last week with a television ad in which the Heller attack squad made an absolutely outrageous accusation that I’ve taken “over $700,000…from a children’s charity.”

If you see or hear this smear, here are the facts…

  • My dad and I founded the Tarkanian Basketball Academy (TBA) as a non-profit corporation back in 2003.
  • TBA is a community facility that provides basketball-related activities – such as game fundamentals, skills, sportsmanship, work ethic and fair play – to young boys and girls of all economic backgrounds.
  • I invested or loaned over $2 million of my own money to design, build and operate the facility.
  • The revenue for the organization comes primarily from court rentals, basketball camps, clinics, events, registrations and concession sales.  These are user fees, not charitable donations.
  • TBA loaned JAMD, LLC $40,000. The loan was repaid with interest. TBA did not make any donation to my campaign.
  • JAMD, LLC repaid me $400,000 for money I had loaned the company to develop the property it owned. I used $40,000 of that money to loan my campaign for primary expenses and was repaid from the campaign shortly thereafter.
  • I used the entire $400,000, including the $40,000 repaid by my campaign to pay down the mortgage on my home which is located directly behind my parents so that I would not lose my home in bankruptcy and allow me to take care of my seriously ill father.
  • As the managing CEO of the organization, I’ve been paid an average salary of $56,600/per year over the last 12 years.  That’s where Heller’s smear merchants are getting their $700,000 figure from.
  • You can verify all of this for yourself since our financials are reported to the IRS and made publicly available.
  • By comparison, the average annual CEO salary in Las Vegas according to the latest report by PayScale.com is $169,942
  • By comparison, Sen. Heller’s TAXPAYER-FUNDED salary is $174,000 (think you’re getting your money’s worth?).

If the Sen. Heller’s sleaze machine is willing to lie about a non-profit organization I founded with my own money and manage day-to-day to help under-privileged and low-income kids, what else do you think they’re lying to you about?

This swamp-like attack is the act of a desperate campaign.  Don’t buy it for a second.  But if you have ANY questions whatsoever, please call me at (702) 785-8228 or email me at info@TarkNV.com.