Tarkanian firmly against illegal immigration and “Sanctuary Susie” Lee

In an interview with Kevin Wall on Live and Local Now, Nevada CD 3 candidate Danny Tarkanian came out strongly in favor of President Trump’s plan to send troops to secure the southern border.

“It’s way overdue…it should’ve been done years ago,” said Tarkanian. “This is an immigration issue and it’s a national security issue.”

Tarkanian further asserted that people in Washington, D.C. “need get off their butts” and “secure the border”. Until the border is secured, said Tarkanian, the troops should remain.

When asked about the protest caravan that began marching towards the US southern border two weeks ago, Tarkanian responded:

“Doesn’t that outrage every American? If you’re in this country, and you care about this country, do you think that it’s right to have large groups of people…mocking the security of our borders?”

Over the weekend, the caravan made up of immigrant activists from Central America and Mexico traveled to Mexico City to protest US immigration policies. 

Danny pointed out that the activists could cross the southern border illegally and claim to be asylum seekers. Due to a long court process, this potentially allows them to remain in the United States for years.

Tarkanian went on to call out his apparent Democrat opponent “Sanctuary Susie” Lee:

“I would love to hear Susie Lee’s answer on this one. Susie Lee, do you really think that’s what’s best for our country? That it’s going to make our country a better place…by allowing people to come across our borders illegally, without being vetted or checked?”

Tarkanian then posed a simple question to “Sanctuary Susie”:

“Are you in favor of stopping these people from coming across our border? I’ll tell you: I am.

You can listen to the interview below:



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