President Trump: Chief Negotiator

After his stunning success in bringing North Korean dictator Kim “Rocket Man” Jong-un to the negotiating table, you’d think that maybe, just maybe, the “fake news” media would give the man who literally wrote the book on the “Art of the Deal” the benefit of the doubt in international relations and acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, he really does know what the heck he’s doing.

And you’d be wrong, as evidenced by this weekend’s Associated Press report on the President’s current negotiations with China over trade…

“A list of hard-line demands that the Trump administration handed China this week could make it even more difficult to resolve a trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies. That’s the view of trade analysts who say the U.S. insistence that Beijing shrink America’s gaping trade deficit with China by $200 billion by the end of 2020, among other demands, is more likely to raise tensions than to calm them.”

Let’s pause and thank our lucky stars we elected an experienced, successful businessman as president and not a “trade analyst.” Or Hillary.

The United States has entered into bad trade deals for years generally because we start in the middle and then compromise toward the side of the other party. The result: The other side gets the gold mine and our side gets the shaft.

But that’s not how our President rolls. He doesn’t just ask for the moon. He asks for the moon, the stars, the planets and neighboring galaxies. So when the dust settles and the skies clear, our side comes out with more than mere table scraps.

The other “yuge” difference in the way our President negotiates is the fact that he negotiates from a position of strength. There’s iron in his words and deeds. There’s never a sign of weakness – as there was time and again when President Obama repeatedly drew and re-drew that so-called “red line” in his dealings with Syria over the use of chemical weapons.

We have the right man in the right place at the right time to Make America Great Again.

What the country needs now are more members of Congress who recognize that fact and will back the President instead of block him.

Our Democrat opponent, “Socialite Susie” Lee,” is and would continue to be a hard-core, anti-Trump obstructionist. She’s a weak reed. She doesn’t get it. She’ll never get it.  She doesn’t want to get it.

Sadly, Socialite Susie would rather see America fail than Trump succeed. Making it all the more important that we keep her out of office in November.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia; Susie Went Down to Laughlin

“Socialite Susie” Lee ventured down to Laughlin, Nevada this week (first time?) and spouted off the usual litany of liberal talking points handed to her by Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi.  But one in particular really demonstrates just how far removed she and “San Fran Nan” are from our country’s founding principles.

According to a report by Jennifer Denevan of the Laughlin Times, Socialite Susie reaffirmed her declaration that health care is a “right.”

Now, we’ve scoured our copies of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and we can’t seem to find this right anywhere – enumerated or otherwise.  And there’s a reason for that…

If you have a “right” to medical care that means the government has the power to compel individual doctors to provide it – with or without just compensation.

That’s like saying you have a “right” to force an individual baker to bake you a wedding cake – which some states and local governments are already doing (the issue is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court).

It’ll be interesting to see how Socialite Susie squares that notion as it applies to medical care with the “self-evident,” “inalienable” right to “liberty” we’re supposed to enjoy as free citizens in this nation.

Trump’s Right: The Time for Term Limits is NOW

President Trump weighed in again and forcefully this week on a critical issue related to how we govern our nation.

“Too many career politicians have spent an eternity in office, governing for themselves rather than doing what the people voted for,” wrote Team Trump in an email on Friday.  “President Trump ran for the White House on a pledge to drain the swamp that has selfishly put its own interests above Americans’.  That cannot happen unless we impose TERM LIMITS on all members of Congress.”

Just so there’s no mistake: Danny supports President Trump on this 100%. You can see Danny’s video on term limits here: Tarkanian pledges to support term limits for Congress