Tark Times: The top 15 things Democrat congressional candidate “Socialite Susie” Lee hates

Here’s a list of the top 15 things Democrat congressional candidate “Socialite Susie” Lee hates – which fully explains why we must win in November!

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Donald Trump’s booming economy
  3. Donald Trump’s tax cuts
  4. Donald Trump’s low unemployment rate
  5. Donald Trump’s low unemployment rate for the black and Hispanic communities
  6. Donald Trump wiping out ISIS
  7. Donald Trump forcing North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table
  8. Donald Trump negotiating for fair, America First trade deals
  9. Donald Trump’s wall
  10. Donald Trump’s appointment of conservative judges
  11. Donald Trump’s appointment of so many women to high positions in his administration
  12. Donald Trump’s love for our military and law enforcement officers
  13. Donald Trump’s rising poll numbers
  14. Donald Trump’s criticism of NFL kneelers
  15. Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan

Susie’s own campaign slogan should be, “Make America Lousy Again.”

This isn’t entirely her fault though. Socialite Susie’s been infected with a highly toxic strain of Trump Derangement Syndrome – which she likely picked up from Nancy Pelosi – for which there’s no known cure.

The only thing we can do is quarantine her and keep her out of The Swamp.

Because if she gets in, and Pelosi once again becomes Speaker, all the advances we’ve already made toward making America great again under President Trump’s leadership will be wiped out in a matter of weeks!

And that will include impeachment charges being brought against our President.

Please help Danny stop them.