Tark Times: President Trump – “Danny is even tougher!”

Now that the dust from the primary election has settled a bit, we wanted to share some information that largely escaped the reporting by many in the maisnstream media as it relates to our GOP primary election victory in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, as well as the results of the Democrat primary race of our general election opponent, “Socialite Susie” Lee.

First is the ridiculous idea being peddled by Susie & the Deceivers that her 66% margin of victory in her Democrat primary compared to our 44% in the Republican primary somehow indicates she’s a stronger candidate in the general election.


Don’t be fooled by this disinformation.  As Ramona Giwargis of the Las Vegas Review-Journal noted in a story last weekend, we “faced tougher opponents” while “Lee’s opponents were virtual unknowns.”

Indeed, Susie’s glide-path to the nomination was greased by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  She faced no credible, viable challengers. None. Hers was an anointment – a coronation – not an election.

In reality, that Susie didn’t reach 80% of the vote or higher is a sign of significant weakness among her fellow Democrats who understandably see her “Mrs. Howell” social status as a problem when it comes to relating to working-class voters.

As Nevada Democrat strategist Dan Hart put it last week…

Among most candidates who were running in the Democratic primary, there was a fight over who was the more progressive.  Clearly, the people who were more progressive didn’t do as well as they expected to. … Our turnout was lower than everybody expected. We didn’t see a blue wave of young people or non-traditional voters come to the polls.

On the other hand, the Tarkanian campaign faced a strong, nine-candidate field of primary challengers – including a sitting State Senator, a former Republican Party chairman and a television personality.  And two of those opponents actually outspent us in paid media!

Indeed, we want to thank Sen. Scott Hammond and former Chairman Dave McKeon for their gracious congratulatory calls to Danny on Election Night and their commitment to now support our campaign in the general election. Total pros. Class acts.

It should also be noted that two years ago, when Danny ran for this same seat against a seven-candidate GOP primary field – which included the sitting State Senate Minority Leader, a sitting State Assemblywoman and a highly-regarded conservative think-tank president – we won with 32% of the vote. That’s a 12-point gain!

Our higher GOP primary vote percentage this time around is a clear indication that Republican voters understood that our battle-tested campaign has the best chance of winning this CD-3 seat in November – especially since our race in 2016 was the closest House race in the country that was decided by just over one percentage point.

It’s also a reflection of the strength of President Donald Trump’s endorsement of our campaign in the primary.  And being on the ballot in November with the support of the White House and the President of the United States gives us an advantage we didn’t have in 2016.

In fact, here’s what the President tweeted the day after our primary victory…

And here’s what the President said in his remarks on Saturday at the Nevada Republican State Convention in Las Vegas…

“He is a very intense individual – that’s the the bloodline from this family and, boy, his father was good…he was tough. There’s only one difference: Danny is even tougher! He’s a great team player…he’s a really great team player…and he’s gonna win in the third congressional district!”

But make no mistake; we still have an uphill climb and a lot of work to do.

CD-3 has 148,397 registered Democrats, 142,554 registered Republicans, 90,801 registered Non-partisans and 24,979 third-party or “other” registered voters.

In addition, there are five third-party and/or independent candidates on the general election ballot. This poses a big challenge for us. Remember, in 2016 there were two other candidates on the general election ballot who pulled in a combined 6.8% of the vote.

So we need to reach out to those voters and persuade them to get onboard with Team Tark and stop Socialite Susie Lee from joining the Pelosi Gang and continuing their obstruction of President Trump’s “America First” agenda to make America great again.


Quotes to Note

  • “(Danny) Tarkanian, who is fresh off a narrow defeat in the (3rd congressional) district south of Las Vegas in 2016, overcame eight Republican challengers to win the primary Tuesday. … The Nevada businessman was originally running as a GOP primary challenger to incumbent Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) but switched to run for the House seat after being urged by President Trump.  Tarkanian, the son of legendary University of Nevada, Las Vegas basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, received an endorsement from Trump after announcing that he would run for the 3rd District’s open seat.” – The Hill, 6/13/18
  • “Danny Tarkanian and Susie Lee are set to square off for Nevada’s Congressional District 3 seat after emerging victorious in their respective primary election races. … Tarkanian pulled out of the Senate race at the suggestion of President Donald Trump, who is among the political figures who support his congressional run. Lee is backed by the likes of former Vice President Joe Biden, former Sen. Harry Reid and others.” – Las Vegas Sun, 6/13/18
  • “Las Vegas Democrat Susie Lee easily won the Democratic primary Tuesday night in the race for Nevada’s open 3rd District seat.  Lee will battle Republican Danny Tarkarian in the general. It’s Tarkarian’s second bid for the seat after narrowly losing to Rep. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., in 2016. … Holding onto the seat is crucial for Democrats as they attempt to flip 23 other districts to retake the House majority.” – Washington Examiner, 6/12/18
  • “Republican Danny Tarkanian, son of legendary UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, and Democrat Susie Lee, a Las Vegas philanthropist, captured their parties’ nominations in southern Nevada’s 3rd District…  Tarkanian and Lee each raised well over $1 million in their primary campaigns. … (Lee) has been endorsed by former Vice President Joe Biden and has financial backing from environmentalists, labor unions, women’s and abortion rights groups.” – Associated Press, 6/13/18
  • “We’re relieved (at winning the primary) and now we’re looking forward to moving on and beating Susie Lee in November. … There is a huge difference between me and Susie Lee politically, and I’m going to talk about those differences,” said Tarkanian. “Susie Lee is in favor of open borders. I believe we should have secure borders. Susie Lee is in favor of sanctuary cities. I don’t believe we should have sanctuary cities.” – Danny Tarkanian, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/13/18
  • “Danny (Tarkanian) has been a Trump person. So the ups and downs of what the president is going through will affect Danny’s viability.  The better Trump is doing, the better Danny’s chance.” – Nevada Democrat strategist Dan Hart, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/2018
  • “It always bothers you when you see anything negative about yourself, but I grew up listening to people talk horribly about my father (Jerry Tarkanian) that everybody knew wasn’t true, but you have to learn to live with it.  I’ve won one defamation lawsuit already on these (attack) ads, and I’m in the process of winning a second one.  We have to do a better job in letting people know that these snide attacks have nothing to do with Washington, D.C.” – Danny Tarkanian, Las Vegas Sun, 6/13/18
  • “The answer to our education problem is school choice.  When you create more competition, you can always create a better product at a lower cost and we don’t have any competition in our school system. We need to give the parents the right to choose what schooling is best for their children, and I’m going to be a big advocate of that on the federal level.” – Danny Tarkanian, Las Vegas Sun, 6/13/18
  • “President Trump’s visit to Nevada today shows he really cares what’s happening here.  And he should care.  Because races in this state in November could determine which party controls Congress and which party controls the Senate next year.” – Danny Tarkanian