Tark Times: The road to continuing to make America great again runs right through CD-3

Chris Stirewalt of FOX News wrote the following earlier this week…

Republicans are going to spend lots of time and money trying to protect their 23-seat House majority. There are almost 60 districts where the GOP is on defense, so the numbers look pretty grim for the Red Team.

But the secret to the Republican effort to save the House may come down to the handful of seats where they are actually playing offense.

There are just seven seats currently held by Democrats where Republicans look to have a chance to actually make gains. Given the fact that it looks like, for now, that control of the House will come down to a narrow decision, these seven are taking on special significance for the GOP.

You got it! Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District is absolutely one of the seven – if not #1 on the list.

“Republicans have again nominated Danny Tarkanian who only barely lost to (“Wacky Jacky”) Rosen in 2016 in what was one of the costliest House races in the country,” Stirewalt continued. “Democrats have chosen education activist Susie Lee for what promises to be a rough and tumble contest.”

And “Swampy Sue” is definitely hearing footsteps. From one of her latest desperate fundraising pitches on Tuesday…

Here’s what’s got us worried, folks: Tarkanian is as far-right as they come, but he’s a formidable fundraiser and only narrowly lost this district in 2016. In 2018, he has the entire GOP establishment (including Trump) in his corner. We ALL need to step up ahead of Saturday’s end-of-quarter fundraising deadline to make sure Susie isn’t outraised by Trump’s handpicked candidate.

And in a separate email from Nevada Democrats, Jason Kander wrote…

Nevada is front and center this cycle. You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: The path to victory for Democrats in 2018 runs directly through Nevada.

This is absolutely true. If Democrats can’t hold onto Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat, they have virtually no chance whatsoever of regaining the majority in the House of Representatives – which, also means there’s no chance for Nancy Pelosi to return as Speaker and impeach President Trump.

The road to continuing to make America great again runs right through CD-3.

Vote Tark!

P.S. We got a chuckle from another of Swampy Sue’s tweets this week. In referencing an article about Nevada’s woefully mediocre schools she wrote, “As a lifelong educate advocate…”

Um, that should be “education,” ma’am.

I think we’ve found one of the “lifelong” problems.

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  • The Supreme Court’s decision in the Janus case means teachers, firefighters, police officers & other gov’t employees will no longer be forced to pay tribute to union bosses just to keep their jobs. A huge victory for workers! #AmericaFirst #NV03
  • President Trump’s candidates won their primaries yesterday while Nancy Pelosi’s #4 went down in flames, exposing “internal divisions” among Dems. There will be no “blue wave” in Nov — Republicans will win back #NV03 seat and reject Socialite Susie Lee!
  • I am confident that voters — strengthened by the benefits of a booming #AmericaFirst economy — will vote Republican in November! #NV03 #LeadRight

Quotes to Note

  • “He (Danny Tarkanian) is a very intense individual; that’s the bloodline from this family. And boy, his father (UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian) was good. He was tough. There’s only one difference: Danny is even tougher! He’s a great team player. He’s a really great team player. And he’s gonna win in the 3rd Congressional District!” – President Donald Trump
  • “The National Republican Congressional Committee has named businessman Danny Tarkanian and former Congressman Cresent Hardy as two of the top 11 candidates they believe have a significant shot at winning competitive congressional seats nationwide.” – Megan Messerly, Nevada Independent, 6/29/18
  • “Republicans tasked with keeping control of the House of Representatives released their first round of nationally backed challengers on Friday, outlining the 11 candidates they believe have the best chance of winning in the nation’s most competitive races. . . . (The list includes) Businessman Danny Tarkanian, looking to replace Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen, who is running for Senate, in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.” – CNN Politics, 6/29/18