Tark Times: Unhinged Trump-Hate Driving Non-Traditional Voters to GOP

First we had the “red wave” of 2014 in Nevada. Then there was the “blue wave” of 2016. Now get ready for the “Trump wave” of 2018.

The absolutely unhinged hate – and that’s not too strong of a word to use here – for Republican President Donald Trump among liberal leaders (think, Rep. Maxine Waters), Hollywood entertainers (think, Robert De Niro), and much of the mainstream media (think, CNN’s Jim Acosta) is boomeranging on Democrats.

Which could very well help Republican Danny Tarkanian in his race for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District against Democrat Susie Lee.

The vile, personal attacks on the President’s family, kicking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of a restaurant, and the latest outrage of a grown man in San Antonio verbally abusing a 16-year-old kid and throwing a drink in his face (caught on video) for nothing more than wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap is not winning hearts and minds.

As Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post noted in a column this week, even voters who are often put off by the President’s blunt talk and caustic tweets nevertheless find themselves rallying to defend him from what are being viewed as “overblown” attacks.

Despite the non-stop, 24/7 negative news coverage of the President, his overall Gallup approval number last month was the highest of his presidency and his support among Republicans stands at 87 percent – matching the support for President George W. Bush immediately after 9/11.

But the real danger to Democrats such as “Swampy Sue” is growing support for the President and Republicans among non-traditional voters – especially Blacks, Hispanics and Millennials.

According to a YouGov/Economist poll in May, 16 percent of African-Americans approve of President Trump. That’s “8 points higher than the 8 percent of black voter support Trump received on Election Day 2016, and 9 points higher than the black vote Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney received in 2012.”

If those numbers among black voters hold up, Joseph Sheppard of The Federalist predicts it “could end in utter disaster” for Democrats in November.

Equally as ominous, a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll last month shows “a 10 point climb among Hispanic voters,” and according to a recent Reuters poll, young white Americans have been “fleeing the Democrat Party en masse following the election of President Donald Trump in 2016.”

If you like what President Trump’s policies have done to Make America Great Again, the choice in November for Nevada’s CD-03 race is clear.

Danny Tarkanian supports the President’s successful agenda and will vote to keep the ball rolling. Susie Lee opposes it – including her support for taking away your tax cuts. She also supports open borders and abolishing ICE, and would vote with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters to impeach the President.

No wonder so many voters who have traditionally not been in the GOP camp are now walking away from the Democrat Party. And Danny is looking forward to earning their vote in November.

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Tark Tweets

    • I am confident that voters — strengthened by the benefits of a booming #AmericaFirst economy — will vote Republican in November!
    • Democrats claim to be champions of women in politics, but are colluding in hyper-drive to keep a highly qualified woman, Amy Coney Barrett, off the Supreme Court. Democrats don’t care about ALL women; they only care about LIBERAL women.
    • 28 year old socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the Democrat primary in NY vs Nancy Pelosi’s #4. She wants to abolish ICE & establish universal guaranteed employment. DNC chair says she’s “the future of our party.”  RIP Democrat Party.
    • ICE is a 1st line of defense against child sex trafficking. But @susieleenv & Dems want to eliminate ICE & open the borders. So much for Susie’s claim to “helping kids have a better future.

Quotes to Note

“If you want to protect your family, and your community then you have no choice. You have to vote for Republicans.” – President Donald Trump this week at rally in Montana