Where Does Susie Lee Stand on ICE? Somewhere, Nowhere, Everywhere…Who Knows?

Where Does Susie Lee Stand on ICE? Somewhere, Nowhere, Everywhere…Who Knows?

Based on the contortions Nevada Democrat 3rd Congressional District candidate Susie Lee is twisting herself into over the issue of ICE and border security, she might want to dress up this Halloween as a pretzel.

Members of the more radical wing of her Democrat Party have latched onto the “Abolish ICE!” movement to eliminate the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which is charged with stopping drugs, drug dealers, gang members, terrorists and others from entering our country illegally.

As the movement took off, Ms. Lee refused to take a position on whether or not she supported the effort.  But once we called her out on it…

“I stand with ICE. By her silence, we can only assume that @SusieLeeNV stands with Elizabeth Warren and MS-13. The choice in #NV03 couldn’t be clearer.” – @DannyTarkanian, 7/7/18

…she finally said on Twitter that she didn’t.

On the other hand, she didn’t say whether she wanted to keep the agency as is, or if – as her handler Nancy Pelosi said – she wanted to drastically change the organization somehow.  A real pillar of pudding.

Worse, when Hollywood actress Cynthia Nixon – a fellow Democrat and candidate for governor in New York – called ICE this week a “terrorist organization,” Susie went radio silent and has refused to condemn the smear against the men and women of ICE who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

Then some of her fellow Democrats in Congress pulled a stunt and introduced a bill to abolish ICE.  But when Republican leaders called their bluff and announced they were going to bring it up for a vote, the “Abolish ICE” Democrats announced they would vote against their own bill!

Where does Ms. Lee stand on this harebrained stunt by Democrats she wants to serve with in our nation’s capital?  Who knows?  As usual she’s said nothing and taken no position; afraid to stand up to and anger the crazies in her party.

Me?  I stand with ICE.  Proudly.  And unapologetically. 

I hope you’ll stand with me in November.


Tark Tweets

  • Cynthia Nixon, Democrat candidate for gov of NY, posted on Twitter: “I can think of no better description than to call ICE a terrorist organization.” @susieleenv, would you please direct us to your denunciation of this disgraceful smear? We can’t seem to find it. #NV03
  • President Trump: “Democrats are now calling to ABOLISH ICE. Not a chance! So long as I’m your President, ICE WILL ALWAYS DEFEND OUR COUNTRY!” #MeToo #NV03
  • ConservativeHQ: “While liberals are going nuts making Judge Brett Kavanaugh out to be a rightwing ideologue, his record tells a different story of a judge committed to applying the law and the Constitution as written.” #NV03 http://www.conservativehq.com/node/28320
  • Judge Kavanaugh: “A judge must be independent and must interpret the law – NOT make the law. A judge must interpret statutes as written and a judge must interpret the Constitution as written.” #SCOTUSNomination
  • Judge Kavanaugh has fought against “agency activism,” ruling 75 times against gov’t agency actions, including FEC regulations that violated the “right of citizens to band together and pool their resources…in order to express their views about policy issues & candidates.” #NV03
  • News alert, @SusieLeeNV: nuclear waste has been traveling on Nevada highways for decades. You are either naive for not knowing that or you are trying to mislead public for political purpose
  • Susie Lee is playing the people of Nevada. She is either naive or playing politics which will result in storing nuclear waste 90 miles from Las Vegas. Correct solution is to get rid of spent fuel thru reprocessing, making Nevadans billions $.
  • The economy is booming and our #AmericaFirst agenda is benefiting all — Hispanic unemployment has now reached lowest level in 45 years! Yet @susieleenv wants to reverse that “historic achievement” and Make America a Failure Again. Vote Tark! #NV03
  • FACT: @realdonaldtrump didn’t start trade war w/China. China’s been waging it for decades. Trump’s just 1st prez to finally fight back. And his interest isn’t in simply ending the war, but to win it! #AmericaFirst. Are you w/us @susieleenv?
  • A gay founder of the #WalkAway movement – which encourages Democrats and others “to walk away from the divisive left” – was refused service at a NY electronics store after employee recognized him. Comment, @susieleenv? #NV03
  • “Despite the non-stop, 24/7 negative news coverage of the President, his overall Gallup approval number last month was the highest of his presidency and his support among Republicans stands at 87 percent…” #NV03 #KAG #AmericaFirst

Quotes to Note

“How dare Republicans make us vote on the ‘abolish ICE’ bill, say Democrats who wrote the ‘abolish ICE’ bill?” – @allahpundit

“Keep up the good fight Danny. Know that for every 1 person throwing a tantrum in the streets, more concerned about criminals than taking care of American Citizens, there are thousands that stand with you and our President.” – @UNLVRebelGrl

“@SusieLeeNV will vote how Nancy Pelosi tells her! Not for Nevadans! @SusieLeeNV doesn’t know where she stands on issues, she hasn’t been told yet by her puppet masters!” – @ChristianCervin

“What the Left Has Attacked Brett Kavanaugh for:

-Loving Baseball

-Having a first name

-Drinking beer from kegs

-Using credit cards

-Coaching his daughter’s basketball team

-Being Catholic

-Living in a nice neighborhood

“Basically, for being an American.” – Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA