Tarkanian Calls “Swampy Sue’s” Debate Bluff…and Raises Her!

Nevada 3rd Congressional District candidate Danny Tarkanian (R-America First) this week responded to opponent Susie Lee’s (D-Nancy Pelosi) request for two televised debates this fall by accepting the invitation…and issuing his own challenge.

“I found it interesting that in a recent tweet you wrote: ‘Isn’t it time we have a real conversation, Danny?’” Tarkanian wrote in a letter delivered to Lee’s campaign on Thursday. “I agree and I accept. But a ‘conversation’ is different from a ‘debate.’

“In a conversation people talk to each other. There’s give-and-take. There’s back-and-forth. There’s no referee. And there’s no time clock. People talk about a topic for as long as and as deep as they choose before moving on to something else.

“Indeed, I believe a series of 90-minute public conversations between you and I, one-on-one, would be extremely beneficial to the voters of CD-03. So let’s do it. The more conversations the better.” 

(NOTE: You can read Danny’s full letter to Susie Lee here)

Danny went on to propose a series of one-on-one town-hall like public forums around the district in schools and libraries beginning immediately after Labor Day and using a neutral, non-media moderator to assure the press covers the story rather than becoming part of it.

“If we want to represent the citizens of CD-03 in Washington, DC, they deserve to see and hear us up-close and in person, not just on a TV screen,” Danny noted. “Don’t you agree?”

It’s become increasingly clear that Ms. Lee’s understanding of issues is about as deep as a paper cut.

When you get her past the left’s cookie-cutter, soundbite talking points there’s just no “there” there – as voters would see in a free-wheeling conversation in front of a live audience where the public gets to ask questions.

As such, don’t hold your breath waiting for “Swampy Sue” to accept The Tark Challenge.

In the News

Tark Tweets

  • “Let’s face it, the two main reasons @susieleenv talks about issues without actually saying anything are because (a) she really doesn’t know and understand them, yet (b) knows she’s on the wrong side of them.” #NV03
  • Morning Score: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues her tour across the country to pump up progressive candidates.” Hey, @susieleenv, when is this socialist “new face of the party” coming to Vegas to campaign with you?
  • OH Dem congressional candidate Danny O’Connor: “I said on TV that we needed new leadership in Congress and I wouldn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker. I said it seven times, and I’ll say it again – I’m not going to vote for her.” What say you, @SusieLeeNV? #NV03
  • Yet another Democrat joins the ever-growing list of #NeverPelosi congressional candidates. But not @susieleenv! She and SanFranNan continue to be BFF’s. Swampy Sue isn’t just out of step w/NV; she’s out of step w/her own party. #NV03
  • I’ll gladly sign the town hall pledge. But will @SusieLeeNV sign a pledge to repudiate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and the radical left’s calls for the abolishment of ICE? Or will she continue to stand with those who DISRESPECT law enforcement? #NV03
  • I call on Susie Lee to return the thousands of dollars in contributions that she’s received from a radical left, anti-law enforcement politician. I fully condemn Sen. Gillibrand’s extremist plan to terminate the jobs of more than 20,000 ICE employees #NV03
  • “(There) are 81,000 fewer federal jobs than the month (@realdonaldtrump) took office. … Trump is being criticized for displaying autocratic tendencies. Of course. Unlike his swamp-creature critics, he has actually done things.” – Dan Kennedy, 7/23/18
  • @susieleenv’s flailing Dems are changing their 2019 motto from “Better Deal” to “For the People.” But with the economy up, unemployment down, borders being secured & ISIS wiped out, it’s already clear that @realDonaldTrump’s agenda is the better deal for the people! #NV03

Quotes to Note

The rich do not work for one another; they provide employment, many by each one, and they spend their money in ways that enrich laborers. The more rich, the better for all. – Benjamin Franklin

We used to have a 35 percent tax on all American businesses. China has 25; we had 35, and then we wonder why we couldn’t compete during the Obama years. We were shooting ourselves in the foot. … We should have the lowest corporate tax in the world, not what we had until seven months ago, the highest, the stupidest. – Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform

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