Tarkanian delivers cease and desist in response to Susie Lee’s repeated lies

On Monday, Danny Tarkanian hand-delivered a cease and desist letter to the Susie Lee for Congress campaign office.

The Lee campaign has, on multiple occasions, repeated the same lies found to be defamatory by a unanimous jury in 2009.

“Unfortunately, some people prefer to lie, deceive and be dishonest to voters in order to get elected…and then run the risk of facing the consequences of lying only until after getting elected. That’s what Jacky Rosen did in 2016. Now it appears Susie Lee is copying Jacky and repeating the same lies,” said Danny Tarkanian.

Tarkanian has a current defamation lawsuit pending against Rep. Jacky Rosen. A Clark County judge has already ruled in Tarkanian’s favor in the first round of hearings — refusing Rosen’s request to toss out the lawsuit.

Tarkanian continued, “Instead of talking about the issues most important to Nevadans, we’re seeing the same old lying and defamatory statements being spread again. We’re holding Susie Lee accountable.

The sad part is: Susie Lee has been a family friend for years — she’s very close friends with my sister. I would’ve expected better from her.”

Read the cease and desist letter to Susie Lee here.


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