Tarkanian ready for 3 debates & 3 town halls; Lee refuses to commit

Last week, Danny Tarkanian responded to Susie Lee’s debate request. Tarkanian agreed to debate and furthermore suggested that the two participate in public town halls, so that the residents of the district are directly involved. Lee previously signed a pledge to host regular town halls, if elected.

Shockingly, Lee’s campaign turned down Tarkanian’s offer. Moreover, they disparaged the importance of town halls and falsely claimed Tarkanian refused to debate Lee.

In an effort to focus this election on the issues important to the voters, Tarkanian is again asking Susie Lee to participate in debates and town halls:

The people of Congressional District 3 deserve a representative who will address the tough issues facing our community and our country. They deserve to know how each candidate will vote on these important issues. Candidates should not be scared to face the tough questions. I am wholly committed to involving the public in our discussions, and I call on Susie to give Nevadans the access and respect that we owe them as candidates for office.

Tarkanian continued with a direct message to Susie Lee:

Susie: I’m ready to debate. My team and I are standing by to coordinate with your team to secure locations, dates and times. Instead of stalling and continuing to parrot the old, worn-out discredited lies and attacks of the Democratic Party, please join me in participating in 3 debates and 3 town halls. You’ve spent over a month asking for a debate. I’m ready to start.


Background info:

Susie Lee Twitter: I am proud to have taken the @townhallproject pledge. Wonder if @dannytarkanian will? We need leaders in Washington who will listen to Nevadans, not big business and special interests. #NV03

Danny Tarkanian Twitter: I’ll gladly sign the town hall pledge. But will @SusieLeeNV sign a pledge to repudiate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and the radical left’s calls for the abolishment of ICE? Or will she continue to stand with those who DISRESPECT law enforcement? #NV03

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