The Titus/Lee Horror Democrats Hope to Unleash in November

In a fundraising pitch to left-wing Nevada voters, Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV), an open supporter and ally of Democrat 3rd Congressional District candidate Susie Lee, wrote the following…

I am feeling confident that Democrats have the momentum to retake the House majority in November.

People across the country are standing up and fighting back against the Republicans’ misguided leadership and dangerous rhetoric — and they’re ready to vote for Democrats who prioritize affordable health care, well-paying jobs for working families, and comprehensive immigration reform.

Democrats must take back Congress if we want to stop Donald Trump in his tracks. Every American under attack by this administration is counting on us to win big. If we don’t, no one can keep the disastrous Trump/GOP policies in check. With so much on the line, will you please donate whatever you can today to help Democrats flip Congress from red to blue?

Couple of points…

  1. By “affordable health care,” Titus/Lee & Company mean a new “Medicare for All” government takeover of our health care system – which has been estimated to cost over $32 TRILLION and would result in massive tax hikes. To call this “affordable” is laughable.
  2. By “well-paying jobs” Titus/Lee & Company mean jacking up the minimum wage to a minimum of $15 per hour (for now) which, as has already been proven, will actually KILL entry-level jobs needed especially by young people just entering the job market.
  3. By “comprehensive immigration reform,” Titus/Lee & Company mean open borders with amnesty – including citizenship and the right to vote in our elections – for illegal immigrants. They also mean “defanging” ICE – which is our first line of defense against violent criminal gangs such as MS-13 – and no “wall.”

And by stopping the “disastrous Trump/GOP policies,” Titus/Lee & Company mean…

  • Repealing your tax cuts
  • Reversing our soaring economy
  • Boosting unemployment
  • Hamstringing entrepreneurs and throttling business expansion
  • Allowing ISIS to regroup and terrorize the world again
  • Sitting back and watching North Korea nuclearize the Korean peninsula
  • Returning to trade deals that don’t protect American interests and jobs
  • Gun confiscation
  • Blocking parents from being able to choose their kids’ schools
  • Taxpayer funding for abortions

Titus is right about one thing though: There’s a lot “on the line” in this race.

CD-03 voters can elect a representative who supports the President’s “America First” agenda – or a Titus clone who will vote to undo all the great progress we’ve already made to make America great again “in its tracks.”

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