Susie Lee Continues to Duck “The Tark Challenge”

Back on June 22, Democrat 3rd Congressional District candidate Susie “Swampy Sue” Lee put out a press release asking Danny Tarkanian, her Republican opponent, to do a pair of televised debates – a standard political ploy for candidates losing in their campaign’s internal polling.

Of course, Ms. Lee being woefully ill-informed on issues beyond Nancy Pelosi’s talking points, insisted on a standard scripted and sanitized debate format where a member of the media, not voters, would ask the questions, answers would be limited to just a couple minutes for complex issues, and very limited direct interaction and discussion between the candidates.

Now, unlike Susie – who was anointed to be the Democrats’ candidate by Harry Reid – Danny had a tough primary race. As such, Danny’s focus immediately after the June 12 primary was on regrouping and refilling the campaign’s bank account. Frankly, worrying about debates four months away was not high on the campaign’s to-do list.

Well, Susie got a little impatient and started telling everyone that the lack of immediate response to her debate request meant Danny was afraid to face her. She also got quite irritated over tweets from Danny pointing out just how wrong she is on so many issues – and lashed out at him on social media…

“In race for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District,” Swampy Sue wrote in a press release on July 12, “Tarkanian lobs Twitter insults while ignoring debate challenge from Susie Lee.”

She added in a separate tweet…

“Unsurprisingly, no response to our debate challenge. I guess Danny does want to keep hiding behind his keyboard after all!”

Apparently Susie and her campaign gurus never heard the old saying about being careful what you wish for!

On July 25, Susie sent out this tweet…

“I am proud to have taken the @townhallproject pledge. Wonder if @dannytarkanian will?”

Two days later she got her answer…but it sure wasn’t the one she was expecting!

On July 26, not only did Danny accept Susie’s proposal for two televised debates, he challenged her to add a series of weekly town hall debates in which the voters themselves would be able to ask questions and the candidates would have an open, in-depth discussion of issues without interference from a media moderator.

In other words, Danny called Susie’s bluff…and raised her.

And she hasn’t been heard from since!

On July 30, Danny posted the following follow-up tweet…

“If we want to represent the citizens of #NV03 in Washington, DC, they deserve to see and hear us up-close and in person, not just on a TV screen. Don’t you agree, @SusieLeeNV?”


With the Lee campaign clearly scared to death by the idea of their candidate having real weekly debates in front of a live audience, Danny on Wednesday narrowed down his counter-proposal…

“3 debates, 3 town halls. I’m ready to go, @SusieLeeNV. Will you join me in making this commitment to holding public discussions with the people of Nevada?”


A follow-up on Thursday…

“I am wholly committed to involving the public in our discussions, and I call on @SusieLeeNV to give Nevadans the access and respect that we owe them as candidates for office.”


And on Friday, yet another call for “Swampy Sue” to accept The Tark Challenge…

“Susie: I’m ready to debate. My team and I are standing by to coordinate with your team to secure locations, dates and times. Instead of stalling and continuing to parrot the old, worn-out discredited lies and attacks of the Democratic Party, please join me in participating in 3 debates and 3 town halls. You’ve spent over a month asking for a debate. I’m ready to start.”


Apparently Susie Lee and her campaign are so afraid of facing Danny and the public in a live, unscripted debate that they can’t take “yes” for an answer.


Tark Tweets

  • Unemployment dropped AGAIN last month – continuing the longest monthly streak of job growth in history – dipping to under 4 percent. Nevertheless, @realDonaldTrump critics complain that “ONLY” 157,000 new jobs were created. Our president just can’t win with them. Sad! #NV03
  • Paraphrasing a meme we saw on Twitter today: @susieleenv thinks we should all be equal at the finish line. @DannyTarkanian thinks we should all be equal at the starting line. Equality of opportunity doesn’t mean a guarantee of success!
  • Some of @susieleenv’s fellow Democrats are proposing a socialist “Medicare for All” takeover of US health care system estimated to cost over $32 TRILLION which would result in HUGE tax hikes. America can’t afford Susie Lee!
  • Under GOP: Taxes are down, economic growth is (way!) up, unemployment is down. NOKO returns soldier remains as it tears down nuke facilities. EU comes over to Trump’s side on trade. But for @susieleenv’s Dems it’s “Russia, Russia, Russia,” “Abolish ICE” and repeal your tax cut.
  • Morning Score: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues her tour across the country to pump up progressive candidates.” Hey, @susieleenv, when is this socialist “new face of the party” coming to Vegas to campaign with you?
  • OH Dem congressional candidate Danny O’Connor: “I said on TV that we needed new leadership in Congress and I wouldn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker. I said it seven times, and I’ll say it again – I’m not going to vote for her.” What say you, @SusieLeeNV? #NV03

Quotes to Note

“I hope everyone debates for Congressional seats that affect Southern Nevada. Ms. Lee needs to participate.” – Bill Townsend (@TownsendForNV4), 8/1/18

“Debate tells the Public much of what they need to know about a candidates character, knowledge and platform…Nevada voters deserve to see a one on one holds barred debate. Make it happen.” – Richard Chapman (@Chappyricky), 8/2/18

“The public wants and deserves face-to-face dialogue with candidates. Too much at stake to rely on ads and “fake news”. Our Democracy was built on open debates. Watch the movie Lincoln if you need a refresher.” – Lisa Mayo-DeRiso (@LMDLasVegas), 8/2/18