Tarkanian Still Wants 2 More Debates and 3 Town Halls


August 17, 2018

Danny Tarkanian has agreed to participate in a televised debate hosted by Politics Now hosts Steve Sebelius and Patrick Walker of 8 News Now.

Said Danny Tarkanian:

I’m glad Susie Lee has finally agreed to a debate so the public can at long last hear what positions, if any, she stands for. The most important part of the electoral process is allowing voters the opportunity to hear what a candidate truly believes. This past week, Susie Lee backed out of a question-and-answer reader panel with Nevada voters, hosted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Her actions were unfortunate and disappointing. Lee’s refusal to take a clear stance on the major issues facing Nevada and our country has been truly disappointing.

This debate is one of six public conversations that I plan to participate in. I have agreed to this debate even with a moderator that has, at times, been unfairly critical of me. I do this because it is so important to the voters. We hope Lee will quit making flimsy excuses for not participating in these important events.

Last month, Tarkanian challenged his Democratic opponent, Susie Lee, to participate in 3 debates and 3 town halls before the November election.

Continued Tarkanian:

I’ve proven that I’m willing to share my beliefs with the voters and listen to their input. Susie Lee’s refusal to engage with the public is suspicious, to say the least. My request for 3 debates and 3 town hall still stands, and I’ll participate in these events even if Susie Lee doesn’t show up.


Background info:

This week, Tarkanian spent over an hour answering questions from voters at a reader panel hosted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Susie Lee canceled her appearance.  

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