Tarkanian keeps up the pressure on Susie Lee

Back in June, Democrat congressional candidate Susie Lee asked her Republican opponent, Danny Tarkanian, to do two media-moderated televised “debates” late in October in which the public would be locked out from asking questions.

Danny accepted, but upped the ante.

He challenged Susie to THREE televised debates and THREE town hall debates starting right after Labor Day. He also proposed that the debates be one-on-one, face-to-face, no-holds-barred discussions between the two candidates who are actually running – with additional questions coming from a live public audience.

Thus far, Susie has steadfastly refused to accept The Tark Challenge.

Which isn’t exactly a surprise. In her only other run for office – two years ago for Nevada’s 4th congressional district – she got creamed in debates with two of her Democrat primary opponents.

Susie’s understanding of the tough issues facing our country and our state is as deep as a paper cut. She has platitudes and talking points – and nothing else. No wonder her handlers don’t want her out there on her own facing Danny and unscripted voters.

They know she’s not ready for prime time.

As such, the only face-off with Danny she’s accepted so far – finally agreeing this week – is a debate on Channel 8’s “Politics Now” program with Patrick Walker and Steve Sebelius that will be aired in two 30-minute segments a week apart in late September…

Which will give her campaign handlers plenty of time to do “damage control”.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to debate the issues facing Nevada families,” Ms. Lee said in a press statement on Thursday. “I am proud of my record of solving local problems and producing real results that benefit Nevadans, and I can’t wait to share my vision for bringing that same approach to Congress.”

Tarkanian is not impressed.

“I’m happy Susie has agreed to come out of hiding and participate in a debate, even though it will include no studio audience or voter participation,” Danny said.

This week, Danny met with a voter panel organized by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. While Tarkanian spent over an hour and a half answering questions and engaging in a dialogue with the voters, Susie Lee skipped out on the event and canceled at the last minute.

“If Susie is so proud of her record, then why does she keep refusing to answer questions from voters? And if she really ‘can’t wait’ to debate the issues facing Nevada families, then she should accept The Tark Challenge — 3 debates, 3 town halls,” Danny continued.

WARNING: Please don’t hold your breath waiting for Susie and her handlers to accept Danny’s challenge. When candidates like Ms. Lee aren’t ready for prime time, they’re harder to find than someone in witness protection.