Susie Lee’s Duck-and-Hide Campaign About Nothing

Trying to nail down Democrat congressional candidate Susie Lee on issues is like trying to nail Jello to your kitchen wall.

She says a lot of sweet-sounding words…mostly talking points from her DC handlers…that say nothing.

Heck, she can’t even take a firm position on whether or not she’ll support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker if Democrats win control of the House in November despite taking $10,000 from SanFranNan’s PAC and another $4,000 from her campaign committee.

Indeed, “Swampy Sue” was listed in a report by the Free Beacon last week as one of the Democrats running for Congress “who have evaded saying whether or not they would vote for Pelosi.”

“I’ll make that decision when I get there,” she’s quoted as saying…essentially saying nothing.

She has similar non-position positions on a host of other critical national issues, such as border enforcement, ICE, taxes, spending, health care, education…you name it.

Which surely explains why Susie continues to duck The Tark Challenge.

Danny Tarkanian, our Republican candidate for Nevada’s CD-03 race, has challenged Lee to three televised debates and three town hall debates – where voters can ask questions of the candidates.

So far she’s only accepted one; a televised debate with no studio audience that will be recorded and aired in two 30-minute segments a week apart.

That’s a textbook example of doing the least you can do.

But it’s not surprising. Susie Lee’s handlers have LOTS of reasons to worry about her facing Danny one-on-one in an unscripted format. She’s simply not ready for prime time.

Reporters let her get away with her non-answer answers. Danny won’t. And they know it.

As such, the Lee campaign hopes to steal this election with personal attacks delivered by press releases, social media posts, mailers and attack ads on radio and TV. They’re scared to death of giving Danny an opportunity to challenge her whoppers live and in person.

This hurts voters who are being denied a chance to see both candidates, side-by-side, answering questions from the public and addressing each other directly without a media filter.

It’s absolutely shameful for a candidate running for Congress to be harder to find than Waldo!

Let’s hope Susie summons up the courage to come out of hiding over the next two months and actually get in the game with Danny. Voters deserve no less.

In the News

Tark Tweets

  • When I get to Washington, I’ll bring conservative solutions to our nation’s most difficult challenges. Our country is on the path towards even greater prosperity! Together, we will continue helping it grow stronger through #AmericaFirst.
  • ICYMI: Yesterday, I received the endorsement of Susan B. Anthony List (@SBAList). When I get to Congress, I promise to continue my strong record of #ProLife advocacy and defense of the unborn.
  • Unemployment rates are at historic lows and the economy is booming. Let’s keep our country headed in the right direction and work together to help it grow stronger every day!
  • For too long, special interest groups and lobbyists have influenced the direction of our country through their relationships with career politicians. We must eliminate their control and establish term limits for Congress!
  • Nevada small businesses employ over 474,000 Nevadans. I fully support increases to SBA loans so that small businesses continue growing, thriving and hiring more Nevadans!
  • This past weekend, #TeamTark delivered an “Elitist Air” travel package to @SusieLeeNV. Susie’s luxury private plane spends a lot of time outside Nevada, so for #NationalAviationDay we gave her travel items that many out-of-touch socialites enjoy!

Dana & Susie: The New Thelma & Louise

  • Further demonstrating why the public doesn’t trust the media, @DanaGentryLV just called our team, SHILLING FOR Susie Lee. So much for impartiality! Instead of asking where Susie is and why she’s still ducking public town halls, the journalist spent all of the time blasting @POTUS.
  • @SusieLeeNV’s plane spends A LOT of time flying away from #NV03. Why does she think she’ll be a good representative when she spends so much time flying her luxury plane out of Nevada? Biased “journalist” @DanaGentryLV must work for Susie cuz she’s LIVID we’re stating those facts.
  • Maybe @SusieLeeNV should hire @DanaGentryLV to fill in for her at all of the public panels/town halls she keeps ducking. “Journalist” Dana spent nearly 10 mins stumping for Susie. Susie won’t publicly appear and defend her own record, but Dana sure will!
  • SHOCKING! My comms director was blasted by @danagentrylv. Apparently, Gentry didn’t like the fact that voters were reminded of statements made by the Culinary Union against @susieleenv in her 3rd place primary finish in 2016. Journalism at its worse!
  • Some in the media laughingly claim @danagentrylv is a journalist. Her actions today dispel that completely. Apparently upset that our campaign repeated statements made by the Culinary Union about @susielee in her 2016 primary, Gentry calls my wife Amy and is rude to her (1/2) (2/2) …verbally attacks my communications director, then writes an article rehashing worn out attacks used by the Democrat party for years. Gentry loses control and shows the entire world the bias of many in the media.

Quotes to Note

“Saddened by the loss of Sen. John McCain. He proudly served our country with honor as a soldier and a representative of the people. Our heartfelt condolences to his family.” – Danny Tarkanian

“This is a race I should win if I have the financial backing and the resources necessary. Anytime you get the President of the United States to come out and support your campaign it’s a huge boost. This is a seat that has never gone Democrat in a non-presidential year. It’s a race that I was in a whisker of winning the last election.” – Danny Tarkanian