Happy Labor Day!

Today is the best Labor Day that American workers have seen in a long, LONG time!

  • Almost 4 million new jobs have been created since President Trump’s election
  • Unemployment is lower than it’s been in decades
  • Black and Hispanic unemployment are at record lows
  • Many workers are “upgrading” and finding better jobs
  • Manufacturing jobs are growing at a record clip
  • Take-home pay is higher thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts
  • Many workers received bonuses this year thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts
  • Small business confidence is at an all-time high
  • Consumer confidence is higher than it’s been in almost two decades
  • Almost 3 million people have moved off the food stamp rolls
  • Economic growth is over 4 percent…a figure many “experts” said was impossible
  • NAFTA and other trade deals are being re-negotiated to be more “America First”-friendly
  • The European Union has agreed to cut tariffs and unfair government subsidies that hurt American workers

This is all news to CELEBRATE this Labor Day.

This is what “winning” looks like.

But Democrats like Susie Lee see nothing but dark clouds inside all these silver linings and they want to undo all the success American workers have been enjoying since Donald Trump entered the White House.

Susie actually calls your tax cut a “scam” and would repeal it if given a chance.

Her mentor and string-puller, Nancy Pelosi, calls your tax cut “crumbs.”

If they get their way, instead of making America great again they would make America fail again.

The choice in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District race between Republican Danny Tarkanian – who supports President Trump’s economic agenda of lower taxes and more jobs – and Democrat Susie Lee – who regularly trashes this great American success story – couldn’t be clearer.

Celebrate and enjoy Labor Day today. You’ve earned it. And Americans deserve it.

And join us in celebrating Danny’s victory on November 6th! #MAGA

Tark Tweets

  • “Creepy” population control group backs/funds @susieleenv. Add this to endorsements by pro-abortion/population control groups NARAL, Emily’s List & Planned Parenthood. If Susie & these people get their way, there won’t be anyone left to vote!
  • We MUST STOP sanctuary cities. The safety of Nevada and communities across the nation are at risk if we allow these types of dangerous policies to continue!
  • My grandmother escaped the Armenian genocide and built a new life in America. Grandma Rose did it the right way: legally immigrating to the U.S. and proudly embracing her new home. Our family thrives today because of her bravery.

Quotes to Note

“A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.” – Ronald Reagan’s Labor Day speech in 1980

“I see an era in which wage earners will be taking home more money in real dollars and an era in which fewer of us will be looking for work. Our policy has been and will continue to be: What is good for the American worker is good for America.” – Ronald Reagan’s Labor Day speech in 1981

“We must not and will not rest until everyone who wants a job has found one, until all Americans can reach as high as their vision and talents take them. We must and we will make certain that the American dream remains a springtime of hope for all our people. Meaningful work, not welfare, is every American’s hope, and we have a continuing responsibility to make those hopes a lasting reality.” – Ronald Reagan’s Labor Day speech in 1984

”Because we cut taxes and squashed inflation, America’s workers once again can have faith in the future.” – Ronald Reagan’s Labor Day speech in 1986