Susie Lee Rejects and Disrespects Voters…Again!

Nevada congressional candidate Susie Lee is once again dodging Nevada voters and rejecting debate proposals.

The Vegas Voice, a leading senior magazine, recently invited both Susie Lee and Danny Tarkanian to participate in a public debate. Today, Dan Roberts, publisher and editor of The Vegas Voice, called out Susie Lee for her refusal to speak with voters — even after the magazine made arrangements ensuring that Susie Lee would only receive questions from a Democrat moderator.

“We trust that sooner or later Susie Lee will realize that if she actually wants to be Congresswoman, she needs to speak with the senior community. It’s beyond disrespectful to all senior voters that Susie refuses to appear,” said Roberts.

Roberts complimented Danny Tarkanian for his willingness to face tough questions and engage with the public:

“To his credit, Danny Tarkanian remains willing to appear and face questions from any of our columnists, but Susie Lee and her campaign manager have cancelled on their commitment and now refuse to participate.”

Danny Tarkanian remains intent on engaging in a public debate schedule.

“My challenge to Susie Lee still stands: 3 debates and 3 town halls. The public deserves to hear about our stances on the issues most important to Nevadans. I’m ready and willing to have a dialogue, but Susie seems to believe that she’s above debating and “too good” for any questions from the public. That’s the kind of arrogant elitism that Nevadans can’t stand but Washington loves,” said Tarkanian.


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