Independent Sources Confirm Heller’s Repeated Deceptions

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — In the past 24 hours, two independent organizations have exposed deceptive statements released by DC Dean Heller. On Monday, KTVN News 2 conducted an investigation into Dean [...]

Heller’s Latest Smear Attack Really Takes the Cake – Danny Tarkanian Has NOT Taken $700,000 From A Children’s Charity | FAKE NEWS ALERT

When incumbent politicians, especially swamp-dwellers in DC, can’t defend their record, they resort to cheap shots and false claims. And that’s what DC Dean did last week with a television ad in [...]

The DC Dean Circus Comes to Town: Send in the Clowns!

With $4 million in his campaign treasure chest, you would think Nevada U.S. Sen. “DC Dean” Heller could afford to hire a competent team of adult communications professionals to run his campaign [...]

The Unequivocal Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare

By Danny Tarkanian TO protect access to healthcare for all Americans and to preserve a system upon which a great and growing number of people have become mortally dependent, it is imperative that [...]

Danny Tarkanian made a visit to Eureka, Elko, and Lincoln County last weekend, and even visited basketball games in Alamo on Tuesday this week.

by Dave Maxwell | Jan 24, 2018 | Read Original Story here Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Danny Tarkanian made a visit to Eureka, Elko, and Lincoln County last weekend, and even visited [...]

With Bannon exiled by Trump, what happens to the candidates he backed?

(Jon Ward and Andrew Romano) – In September, (Breitbart News chief Steve) Bannon huddled at Breitbart’s Capitol Hill headquarters with Danny Tarkanian, the son of legendary University of [...]

RJ: Campaign 2018: Nevada has two races in national spotlight

(Colton Lochhead | Las Vegas Review-Journal) – Nevada is sure to see plenty of national attention as this year’s election cycle ramps up. Politico recently rated the Silver State’s 2018 [...]

Tarkanian Says Nevada Has Spoken on Legal Weed

(KOH AM 780) – Republican Senate challenger Danny Tarkanian issued a statement in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the Obama-era “Cole Memo” that allowed [...]

Dornan: Heller Re-Election Bid Race to Watch

(Geoff Dornan | Nevada Appeal) – Both nationally and among observers inside Nevada, Dean Heller’s bid for a second term in the U.S. Senate is the race to watch this year. National [...]

A Wolf in Republican Clothing: The Dean Heller Dilemma

(Lyle Brennan) – How do you solve a problem like Senator Dean Heller? He was elected on a conservative platform, touting conservative values and the moral high ground. But, since he was [...]

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