The most dishonest argument in the immigration reform debate is the habit of “open borders” advocates mixing legal immigration with ILLEGAL immigration.

There’s a huge difference.

We do need some reforms to our legal immigration system, but we need to BLOCK illegal immigration.

We also need to deport illegal immigrants who commit additional illegal acts while in our country illegally IMMEDIATELY.

There’s already a legal pathway to citizenship. People who are in our country illegally who wish to become American citizens should return to their native country and wait in line like everyone else.

It is wrong, unfair and counter-productive to “devise” any other pathway.

In addition…

  • I support building “the wall”
  • I oppose birthright citizenship
  • I oppose “chain immigration”
  • I support e-Verify
  • I oppose sanctuary cities
  • I oppose driver’s licenses for illegal aliens
  • I oppose welfare benefits for illegal aliens
  • I support making English our official language

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