When I was growing up, Clark County had one of the best school districts in the nation. Over the years, bureaucrats and out of touch politicians have failed our kids by taking money out of the classrooms, where it belongs. As a result, many public schools are no longer delivering the quality education that we need. As a father, the son of an educator, a proud Nevadan and a taxpayer, I believe all Nevadans deserve the opportunity to access the best education systems possible.

In the 1950s the government stood in front of schoolhouse doors and refused to let minority children in.  Today the government stands in front of schoolhouse doors and refuses to let minority children out.  That must change.

I am amazed at the hypocrisy of liberals who command a woman’s “right to choose” when it comes to terminating a pregnancy but denies women the right to choose what school to send their children to.

Parents deserve REAL school choice.  They should be allowed to pick their child’s teachers and schools just as they’re allowed to choose their child’s doctors and hospitals.  And no, choosing between one government school or another isn’t a real “choice.”

While we have an obligation to continue finding ways to improve our public schools other than dumping more and more taxpayer dollars down the drain, we must also give poor and middle class families the financial assistance they need to exercise the same education choices wealthy families enjoy.

Our public schools aren’t broke. They’re broken.  If money was the answer, we’d already have the greatest school systems on the planet.  We don’t.

That’s why I support school vouchers, education savings accounts and scholarship programs that parents can use for private school tuition or to assist parents who opt to homeschool their children if they want such assistance.

The community interest is a well-educated child.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean public schools.  One size doesn’t fit all.  And it’s time to give parents both the right and the means to escape public schools that aren’t getting the job done.

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