Members of Congress are treated like royalty, have staffers who worship at their feet, are regularly entertained at dinners and cocktail parties, are lavished with ego-boosting praise and gifts by lobbyists sucking up for their votes, and made to feel their opinions are on par with the mountaintop wisdom of the Dalai Lama by the DC press corps.

Outside the beltway, Americans have another name for this alternative universe:  The Swamp. And the only way to drain it and keep it drained is with term limits – just like we have for presidents; just like we have for Nevada legislators. However, these elected Swamp creatures will do everything in their power to block a constitutional term limits amendment.

But that doesn’t stop true citizen legislators who wish to serve and return home, as our Founders intended, from imposing term limits on themselves.

And that’s exactly my commitment to Nevadans: I will fight for term limits.

It’s the right thing to do for America and for Nevada.

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