Susie Lee, the Democrat establishment, and biased “journalists” continuously attempt to deceive voters with lies about Danny.

Why would the political establishment spend so much money lying to voters?

Danny is a real threat to those in power, and they’re afraid that Danny will beat their chosen candidate.

Danny has a well-documented history of service to Nevada. He has a strong record of bringing people together to get things done. He’s a strong conservative and he fully supports the America First agenda.

Let’s separate the fact from fiction on Danny Tarkanian.



Truth: Danny has run for office FIVE times.



Lie: “Danny set up fraudulent companies that defrauded senior citizens.”


Lie: “Danny was involved in a fraudulent real estate deal, filed bankruptcy and stiffed the taxpayers $17 million dollars.”


Lie: “Danny “took $700,000 from a children’s charity.”